The New Chapter

We’ve been back here in Canada for just over three weeks now; wow it all seems to be going by so quickly. Especially since I’ve stopped blogging or journaling about our holiday…

I’ve re-branded the blog because, well, we’re not going to be travelling on trains anymore. I figure I’ll keep this blog running and post occasionally about things. I know it’s not as exciting as a travel blog, and it’s not as exotic as a “living in another country” blog, but as a means of communicating with people, I really like it — a blog allows you to write to a wide audience where you know that only people who are interested will read it. And, of course, it reveals who your real friends are — let it be known that I will insert key facts in these here posts that I may quiz you on if I happen upon you in person. No, not really.

Our transition back to BC has been interesting. My intention is to write a bit about what that transition has been like and how we’re doing, without getting too personal about things (this is the Internet, after all). Today is not about substantial details though; let’s ease back into things first.

Our shipment with all of our stuff we had in England has not yet arrived here, making life a little awkward at the moment. We have only those things that we took on our trip (where we were packing for the sunny climates of Florida and California), and things we left here at the house that we haven’t used in over a year (my selection of 1990’s technology books are handy bedtime reading). Our stuff should be arriving within the next two weeks; that will certainly help in terms of settling back in.

Our stuff in the storage room

The things we left behind

In the meatime, we are sorting through this room –>

Ok I’ll keep it to that for now; hopefully more to come over the next weeks and months.

Posted from Port Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada.

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