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We've abandoned serving our own photo album, opting instead for web albums via Google's Picasa. Click here to see lots of pictures of us.

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This site is the internet home for the Goetz family, more specifically the Goetz family who currently resides in Port Coquitlam, BC, Canada. I wrote this site mainly as a portal to other stuff that I have on the web. You're more likely to find items of interest if you know us. If you don't know us, then feel free to nose around anyway...

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My name is Mike Goetz and this is our family's little home on the Internet. My wife Rachel and I have two girls: Connie (aged 23), and Heidi (aged 21). We were married in 1997 and lived in Norwich, England until 1999. Since then we've been living in Port Coquitlam, Canada. This summer, 2010, we moved back to England to live in Bristol where we will be nearer Rachel's side of the family. We're excited about the opportunity for a new adventure, especially for our girls who haven't experienced life in a different place.

We are Christians and enjoy being involved in our church, doing all sorts of things from music to kids to some techy stuff. We're looking forward to getting involved with Bristol Vineyard once we land on those shores.

As for hobbies, I enjoy following sports like hockey, football (soccer), baseball, and even cricket. I also enjoy playing music; both keyboards and percussion, and although it might be sad, I do spend a lot of my spare time with the computer. Rachel likes to play her guitar & piano, and she also enjoys reading, running, and finding bargains.

Both Rachel and I have accounts on Facebook, click to view Mike's Facebook Profile and Rachel's Facebook Profile. You can also view Mike's LinkedIn Profile

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We've started a blog in an attempt to keep in touch and let our friends and family know what we're up to. You can find it at blog.goetz.ca

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