This page features some of the websites I've worked on, both as part of my employment and my own personal projects.

This site is devoted to modernizing the data collection techniques for a behavioural modification treatment procedure called ABA (Applied Behavioural Analysis). The site is currently in use with several young people in the treatment of autism, and is being considered for wider-scale adoption in an official capacity for the Province of Ontario. The site is written in PHP site with a MySQL database, using Smarty templates. The key element of the project involved providing interfaces for mobile devides to enter data, enabling practical adoption by instructors during therapy where stationary computers or laptops are not practical.

TriCity Vineyard

This is our church site, which I originally set up as a PHP-Nuke site but fully redeveloped in late 2005. It now no longer relies on any third party code and is built using object-oriented PHP with a MySQL backend database. I also took the opportunity to improve the design by utilizing more CSS and completely removing any dependence on HTML tables for layout.

Bruce James Orchestra

This is a relatively simple site for a local Vancouver swing band. I ensured that the site was set up with an administrative interface to manage content, to allow other people (and not just me) to maintain the site.

Football 365 Soccer Stats

I developed this site in 1997 and it was bought 2 years later by to use as the main statistics section of their football website. I continued to develop it for two years and the site has continued in more or less its same form ever since. Most of the content is static HTML pages generated by a series of Perl scripts using a very simple flat-file backend database.

I worked on this site during my employment with Reinvent Inc. I built the original core of the site in 2004, using PHP, PostgreSQL, and Smarty templates, and it remains a core part of the Reinvent business to this day.

I worked on this site during my employment with Mediatech Internet. Unfortunately it is almost completely inaccessible except through a user account, so most of my work on this site is not available to the guest visitor. The was originally an odd combination of PHP-Nuke and an advanced CMS called vBulletin. Eventually we got rid of PHP-Nuke altogether and redeveloped the site with just vBulletin. It uses a very advanced administration system including series of customizable content templates. I built in some additional sections and really had to learn the existing code base pretty well to be productive.