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English Christmas (and some other stuff)

Hmm. My lack of recent blogging has meant that there are lots of little things piling up. I’ll now try and make up for it with some rambling. Let’s talk about the weather They say that the national English pastime … Continue reading

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Last weekend we went to Germany for a visit. For those of you who don’t know, my Gran lives in Frankfurt and she’s 96 years old. She lives on her own in a modest flat, and though she may be … Continue reading

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Friends and Friendship

Today marks three months since we arrived in England; one quarter of our year gone already. It also seems to have marked a transition for all of us as we acclimatize to living somewhere new. While things still feel fairly … Continue reading

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Sports, Food, and the Apprentice

More musings and general updates… The Ryder Cup was on last weekend in Newport, Wales which is only about 20 minutes away. I wish I had checked about tickets earlier, because by the time I thought of it the even … Continue reading

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Two Months In

As we approach the end of September, we’re now two months into our little Bristol adventure. This seems a good time to pause and reflect on how things have gone so far… Connie and Heidi have settled in well. They’re … Continue reading

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Top of London

Here we are on the “London Eye” overlooking London (my first attempt at live blogging with my iPhone)

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What I did on my summer vacation

Hi there and welcome back! It’s been an interesting summer for us, but I’m starting to get organized again so henceforth I will bring an update and a summer retrospective. Since June 1st we’ve lived in four different houses and … Continue reading

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Moved in and life takes over

So, my intention was to do up a fancy “we’re here” post, put on some pictures, and make it all cool and funny and stuff. Sadly this isn’t going to happen right away. So I thought it would be better … Continue reading

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Step One: Stuff Arrives

Today I went to Bristol in the morning to oversee the arrival of our worldly goods. These boxes had quite the journey – by train from Port Coquitlam to Montreal, boat to Liverpool, and then truck to Bristol. And now … Continue reading

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No Government

This doesn’t have much to do with anything related to us; it’s just a clip I liked and emphasizes why the BBC is great. The link below is an excerpt from the BBC’s program “The Now Show”, about dreaming of … Continue reading

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