USA 2011 Trip

From July 24th to August 26th 2011 we went on a trip across the USA, as we made our way back to Vancouver from England. This page chronicles our journey, and you can track our trip on the interactive map below.


Click on a marker to see pictures or details, and click on the link there to read more.


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  1. Duncan says:

    That will be quite the epic journey – of the once in a lifetime kind! Sounds fabulous! Can’t wait to see the pics and follow your treck.

  2. Jamica Kong says:

    Wow, such a long trip. Glad to hear that your whole family will come back to BC. We are looking forward to seeing you again.
    Have a wonderful trip!!! 🙂

  3. Doreen Dotzler says:

    You are in our prayers. We know you will be blessed!
    Rodger and I took Amtrak from Vancouver to San Francisco and then Los Angelos in May— it was a wonderful time, filled with much beauty, many delightful people, and a lovely rest and renewal for us.
    How amazing it will be to see the places you’ve listed in your journey!

    God’s blessings!

  4. Mom says:


    Love, Mom & Dad

  5. Mom says:

    Hello Heidi !!! and HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!
    I was up at 6 am today, and reading your blog. I check it every day, and sometimes more !
    On your Daddy’s birthday, we got up at 6 to phone, but now we are on the same time zone , so I don’t want to wake you. It feels that you are closer already, just being on the West Coast.
    I’m glad you did Junior Rangers, because they didn’t have the program at Porteau Cove this year.
    I’m happy to see your smiling face on each photo, and it looks like you’re having LOADS of fun.
    Talk to you soon ( as soon as Opa wakes up ! ). This will be a very different Birthday for you.


  6. Peter and Barb says:

    Hi Mike and Rachel, Weve enjoyed reading all about your travels. Youve been to lots of places we havent! Hope you enjoy the rest of your journey. Hope to see you again when you have arrived and started to settle down inCoquitlam. Love and blessings, Peter and Barb

  7. Sorensens says:

    Hey Goetzs,

    We’ve just started going over your photos. What fun you seem to be having. Our internet is going in and out so we have alot of time to look at each photo! We’re taking a break now and will resume tomorrow. The girls are heading off to the Foursquare summer camp tomorrow to return this Saturday. We’ll have to get together when you have recovered from your vacation! Safe travels, Sorensens

  8. dad says:

    We are enjoying the trip with you.You did so well.
    We are waiting to welcome you back.

    I am rehanging the girls pictures in the GIRL’S room, since Ms. Emma Goetz has moved in with you.

    See you Friday.

    Mom & Dad

  9. Peter and Barb says:

    Hi Mike and Rachel! We see from your schedule that you are arriving in Vancouver today!! Welcome Home. You must have had a wonderful trip – we hope we can meet up with you when you have had a rest and are settling down to life in Port Coquitlam again. God bless, with love, Peter and Barb.

  10. Gordie says:

    Welcome back Mike and Rachel and family!

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