So I’ve had a few people now wondering exactly what our plans are and when we’re going to be back in BC again. This provides a natural opportunity to get everyone up-to-speed at once. I normally don’t like to advertise our future plans too much, lest the folks at deduce that our house will be unoccupied for certain dates. But with our move and summer plans it’s a bit different – now, I’m only concerned about pirates in the North Atlantic hijacking our worldly goods as they make their way back to Vancouver.

We’re now just a few weeks away from leaving England, which we’re all quite sad about. It’s been a great year here and it will be hard to say goodbye. Despite what so many English people seem to feel, this really is a great country and I think we all take things we have for granted.

School finishes here on July 22nd (yes, they go to school in July), and on the 23rd we will be down in Devon celebrating Rachel’s parents’ 40th wedding anniversary. Then we will be leaving the UK on July 24th and traveling across America on the train. I’ve said to some people that we’re going back to Vancouver “the long way”.

The details of our trip are on the USA 2011 page, which is also on the top menu of the blog. Basically, we’re flying to Miami and then traveling through New York, Niagara Falls, Chicago, the Grand Canyon, San Diego, San Francisco, Portland, and on to Vancouver. We’re pretty excited about the trip and we’ll be posting lots of updates as we go along.

We’ll be back in Vancouver on August 26th, and we’ll eventually be moving back into our house in early September after our renters have moved out.

In the meantime, things are pretty busy. We’re sorting out all of the practical details while also trying to make time to see people and do things we’re still wanting to do. Sadly we won’t get to everything on our list, but looking back I do feel that we’ve made the most of our time.

So that’s pretty much it. You can always post a comment if you have any questions. If I get a chance I’ll put up another post in the next little while talking more about the emotional impact of moving again, which is another topic in its own right.

Posted from Bristol, England, United Kingdom.

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  1. Chloe pereira says:

    Have a fun time in canada!!
    We will miss you lots!!!
    Thanks for being a cool class mate Connie!!

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