A week to go

Ok it’s actually 9 days, but close enough.

We leave for England on July 15, and as the last few days go by it’s really starting to feel a lot closer now. It certainly feels more real when you start to have those “last time you’re going to see your friend” get-togethers, like I’m starting to have now.

Most of our jobs are done now. We’re going to do a “mock pack” this week to make sure the stuff we’re taking doesn’t go over the allotted weight that we’re allowed to bring on the plane. If it does, Heidi’s rock collection is staying behind.

We also need to sell the car, so if anyone is interested in a 2000 Honda Odyssey minivan with 200k for a reasonable price, let me know. Geisel, I know you’ve been eying our trendy ride – now’s your chance.

Another one of my jobs – to set up a blog – is now done. As with all well-intentioned blogs, expect reasonably heavy traffic to start, followed by a tapering down into something more manageable. The URL is easy to remember: blog.goetz.ca; it should be a handy way to keep up with us.

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  1. Jacki McCabe (married name) says:

    My mother’s maiden name was Gatzias, and from Devon. The surname had previously been Goetz, when the family fled from France during the persecution of the Albigenses, and took refuge in Hesse, Germany, where it evolved to Getsius, from thence the Gatzias. John (Johann) Daniel Getsius was born in 1592, attended the University of Marburg, emmigrated to England, went to Cambridge, ended up in Dartmouth in 1629 where he taught school and preached, and eventually died in 1672 where he was buried in his church at Stoke Gabriel. So, somewhere, way back when, it would seem we are distant relatives.

    You have my e-mail address should you wish to compare notes, or just get in touch with me. I would love to hear from you. Have read part of your blog, but not all of it!

    Regards, Jacki

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