The Dangerzone

Tonight I had a night out with many of the team I used to work with at Reinvent; we somehow got to calling ourselves “The Dangerzone”, referencing Top Gun, cool jet flyby’s, and Kenny Loggins’ classic.

It was great to spend some time with these guys (Grace, I’m going to use the gender-neutral form of “guy”; my apologies). I think it’s a bit of a rarity that work colleagues would develop such strong relationships that last beyond the working days. Not that we see each other that often; but I think the bonds are strong and lasting. I am very proud of this; it is the single biggest thing I miss about my former job – that you could work with smart people who were also good people and became your friends.

I will miss my Reinvent friends a lot, and I would count it a success if I were able to one day have another job with a team as good as that. I remember Jesse saying once how “the best thing about the job is that there are no jerks here”. Considering the surprisingly high jerk population, I think we did quite well. Cheers guys.

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