We’ve made it to Flagstaff and had a good night’s sleep after a 34 hour train ride from Chicago. I have to say that the train was excellent – fantastic scenery, really good food, and great facilities.

Soon we shall pick up our rental car and be on our way to the Grand Canyon, where we’ll be staying for just one night before catching the evening train tomorrow to Los Angeles and on to San Diego.

Sorry – not a great picture of Flagstaff; this is right beside the train stop a block away from the hostel we stayed at last night. Flagstaff also has a much nicer historic downtown (not photographed)


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We went on a trip around the USA as we headed back from England to Canada. Using this account we tracked our progress and published entries throughout our trip. Enjoy!
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  1. Ben says:

    Wow Mike, that is quite the road trip you guys are on . . . wish you guys well and have a safe journey.

  2. Karen Jepson says:

    Hi Rachel , Mike and girls. Just read your incredible journey so far. Feeling like I’ve motion sickness just reading how long some of those train rides are. The girls look like they are doing really well and having a great time. Its amazing you have got so far across in 3 weeks. The kids and I have had a week in Devon and week in Cornwall rather tame by comparison. James is back from Oz hoping to return to start new job end of Aug with us to follow early Oct. Look forward to reading more of your blog. Keep having fun all the best. Karen x

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