Almost home!

Now that we are getting to the end of our trip, I want to tell you about one of my favorite days on our trip. I had a lot of favorite days but at the top was surprisingly, on my sister’s birthday. This is because we went to Sea World. I will tell you some of the things that I liked best on this day.

What I liked best were the sea lion shows. There was a guy dancing at the beginning of the show. Then there were 2 shows. My favorite one was when they mocked all the other shows in the evening. Heidi’s favorite thing was everything. Even the Sesame Street rides and show!

Heidi got a lot of presents. She got a card from our grandparents in England, 4 packs of candy from me, hair clips, a necklace and a bracelet from our aunt and uncle in England, a book and Sylvanian families from 2 of her friends in England, some baking things from our aunt and uncle in Canada, a box of cereal, cheese strings, a movie and a fur real friend. And it was a snuggimals bunny!

Well, I cannot wait to see all of my friends in September in Grade 6!


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