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Hello? Wow looks like I slept for just about four years! We’re in England at the moment and we’re about to head out on a family trip to Europe for a few weeks, so I thought it would be a good opportunity to revive the blog. I will save the post that summarizes the last four years for another day.

Tidal pool beach at Ilfracombe

Tidal pool beach at Ilfracombe

So yes, we’re in Devon at the moment visiting family here. It’s surprisingly sunny today, although we’ve had a bit of everything during the past week. Nothing like the 30+ temperatures in Vancouver that we left at the end of July though, thankfully. When we depart on Sunday we will be going to Germany to see my Gran, who is 101 now. After a couple of days in Frankfurt we then head off to Austria, a little stop in Venice, and then over to Switzerland for a couple of weeks. We finish our trip in Prague before heading back home again.

We’ve had a shorter stay in England this year than we normally do, but we’ve still been able to see the family and enjoy some important activities like watching the cricket at Somerset and eating a carvery lunch (or, in my case, a mixed grill with generous portions of meat).

I’ve set up a page where you can hopefully track our posts, if you’re interested. I’m also uploading pictures to a flickr album. Feel free to drop us a line in the comments or on Facebook.

Posted from Newton Tracey, England, United Kingdom.

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