Moved in and life takes over

So, my intention was to do up a fancy “we’re here” post, put on some pictures, and make it all cool and funny and stuff. Sadly this isn’t going to happen right away. So I thought it would be better to post something than nothing at all – so welcome the glory of plain black text.

Pictures will follow.

Right. So we moved in on July 31st. The house is great – the girls are sharing the biggest bedroom, large enough to fit all of their toys and stuffed animals. Rachel and I, conversely, have the smallest bedroom – large enough for a bed and a small bookcase. No closet or dressers – that would be too decadent.

I have an office, which also doubles as the guest room. I have to say that it’s made a huge difference to my psychologically to have an office with a desk and places for things to go. After living out of suitcases and boxes for two months, it’s great to unpack and put things away. I’m sure that as I get older I will become increasingly obsessive compulsive, especially in the department of putting things away.

Somewhat oddly, the house has as many bathrooms as bedrooms (three); that is, if you include the closet toilet downstairs and the laundry room/bathroom upstairs. Regardless, it’s an English luxury to have more than one bathroom in your house, so I feel blessed.

We soon settled in and started to unpack – it was always bound to be an exercise in wondering why we brought certain things and left other things behind. We’ve since supplemented most of what we need, so we’re pretty much good to go.

The other element of busyness is my business – work has ramped up at the moment so I’m pushing hard to get some stuff completed for the end of the month. The timing isn’t the best, with summer and all that, but weeks of uneven schedules have lead to this time where more knuckling down is required.

So we’re all doing pretty well; getting used to our surroundings and trying to make the most of the summer before school starts again in September. Next week we’re off camping for a few days, albeit with limited camping supplies. We also have Heidi’s birthday coming up on Saturday, with a planned trip to the Bristol Zoo (apparently the 6th oldest zoo in the world).

Well I’ll sign off for now. We miss everyone back in Canada and we appreciate the comments and communication that we get from all of you. We do have a phone now – you can call us at +44 117 330 1284. If you are planning to call, don’t forget that we’re 8 hours ahead of Vancouver time.

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2 Responses to Moved in and life takes over

  1. Erin says:

    Sounds like you are starting to feel “at home”!
    Would love to see pictures of your home, and the kids would love to see pics of your neighbourhood and the girls’ school sometime.

  2. geisel says:

    So… what’s it like speaking English all day long?

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