Yankee Stadium

Made it to Yankee Stadium to see some afternoon baseball. My original seat was in the direct sunlight on a 32° day, so I have downgraded to a higher seat on the shady side. I think lots of other people have done the same.


Update: the Yankees won 4-2 in a rather typical Yankees game – one big inning, solid pitching, and Rivera easily closing out the ninth. The stadium is nice and reminiscient of lots of other new ballparks including Safeco in Seattle, but it lacks much character. A note to Liverpool fans – tis better to redevelop the ground than to built a new one.

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  1. mr geisel says:

    I love Yankee Stadium (even if it is the Death Star to the Red Sox’s Millenium Falcon). Let me guess, they decided in the fourth inning to turn it on and score some points, and then they just sort of relaxed for the rest of the game. Gotta give it to the Yankees, they’re really a good team.

    Can’t wait for more NY updates! Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, Battery Park, Central Park, Museum of Natural History! w00t!

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